Battleground EP

by Chris Learned

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released April 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Chris Learned Indiana

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Track Name: Elizabeth
Elizabeth, I’m sorry for the nights filled with tears.
I know it’s too little too late.
I haven’t been myself. No, I haven’t for years.
These substances carry such weight.
I lost all direction in the fog of abuse.
I took you along for the ride.
I take full blame.
I extinguished your flame -
Never noticing part of you died.
Track Name: Battleground ( Hiding Place )
Was not my place to stand, but I stood my ground.
I earned my name as a man.
The yellow turned coat and ran. 
Left the mule broken down - His body raging demands.

The seasons start to change.
A defrost from frozen states.
A detox from dragging weights.
A new set of eyes to gaze.
It’s such an empty space.
Battleground, Hiding place.

Buried your head in the sand. Turned your back on the sun.
(He) begged you to stay as you ran.
He was not asking for much.
“Please, don’t leave me alone to die in a half finished home”.
Track Name: Salt & Whiskey
Fighting the current to keep my head above the water.
I’m growing tired of the taste of salt & whiskey.
Every day I wake, and lift my head off that pillow.
It’s another day I didn’t ask for, and I don’t want it.
I push through. I stay afloat,
But I don’t like it.

I was screaming at the sky - “I’ve had enough!”
I got tired of asking “Why?!” with no response.
Give me one good reason to hold tight the lie - And I will try.
Track Name: The Hustler
He used to be a man of worth, now there’s not a penny to his soul.
He used to be something. He thought he had it all.
Now he sinks in his couch, further by the day.

“It’s my right.”
“You’re wrong.”
We all earn our prisons.

He stares into the lightbox, flipping endlessly.
Chain-smoking cigarettes, and struggling to breathe.
An endless loop of repeats. Everyday’s the same.

A hypocrite down to the spine. I’ve seen his truth 1000 times.
Taking yours, and calling “Mine”
You can’t fight it. No, you can’t fight it.
Helplessly under that thumb.
Waiting for the day to come, When he decides that he might smite.
He just might.
You can’t fight with the hustler.

"It's my right."

"You're wrong."
Track Name: The State I'm In
Feel my patience wearing thin.
Held up for too long, In the state i’m in.
Carry a pocket full of sin.
Where did I go wrong, and let the toxic in?
I tried to keep my head up, but always seem to get pulled down.
I’m starting to believe, you dont want to be found.

I am struggling within. 
Pick myself up and get back on my feet.
I was made for greater things, Than hazy nights and red eyes.
Have to break free.
Have to find me.
I asked around for hours, but no one seems to know.
“No brother, I can’t tell you.”
I go from town to town but no one seems to know where “I” am.

Feel my patience wearing thin. Held up for too long, in the state I’m in.
Track Name: Mother Mary
I watched a man who used to move mountains wither away to just skin and bone.
Grey took the place of fleshtone and vigor.
Settled itself. Made itself home.
Varying beeps & spikes on machines. 
Sterile white light & ceramic tile.
Losing control of all that he knows,
He wonders the halls with the mind of a child.

“I don’t know who I am anymore.”

Abandoned by love when he needed it most. 
The going got tough and they ran for the north.
He sat alone, and started to wonder ---
“What have I done to you that was so wrong?”
He drank himself into a fever.
A violent flare.A deep dark depression. 
He stood face to face with all of his fears and regrets
- With a bottle of Jack in his hand.

How could you go?
I dont know who you are anymore.

I am a saint, at least by comparing the actions I’ve taken to your cowards escape.
There’s more here at stake than just your consumption.
One day you’ll feel it when you’re dying alone.